Do you have a HR story to tell?

  • Like some terrible issues you had with one of your ex employee during performance appraisal?
  • Or some unkind HR practice they adhered to when you sought for maternity leaves / benefits?
  • Or perhaps you want to send a testimonial to that one good ‘boss’ you had?

Tell us about it!

We are not saying we would rush to help you! But sometimes just sharing makes you feel good, isn’t it?

Just fill in the form below to share with us your long and short stories and experiences, your ideas and aspirations, your queries and confusions on the following categories.

We would publish your stories on the blog and help you ‘socialize‘ with other professionals with similar dispositions.

  • Recruitment – issues faced by HR Managers
  • Provident Fund and Pension – issues faced by employees
  • Performance Appraisals – issues faced by employees
  • Workspace and Women – issues faced by working women and mothers
  • Unfair HR practices noticed by employees
  • Awareness related to Labour and Industrial law – Your questions


This page is only for audience interaction and socialization amongst themselves not with LLR. LLR is under no personal obligation to reply to the queries and grievance.

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