With 43 years of continuous publication since 1969 LLR is the foremost name in the field of Labour and Human Resource.

Now, we make a shift from being a ‘subscription only’ journal to being ‘social knowledge center’.

Labour and Human Resource management, without doubt two of the most important aspects of our lives. Each one of us have at least once in our life time faced complex situations at our workplaces and have been left with no proper answers.

“What exactly are my legal rights as an employee?

Besides paying me the salary, what are the additional duties of my employer?”

As a Human Resource Manager I need to understand the various labour laws properly and manage the workforce accordingly

Labour Law Reporter has the answer to all such questions and more. And now you can be a part of this knowledge pool which was until now restricted to the subscribers only.  Thr0ugh all our social media networks we would be sharing valuable information related to Labour and Human Resource.

We have a form for you on our Socialize page which you can fill up to share with us and our followers your questions, experiences, stories, anecdotes and expertise related to Labour and Human Resource Laws.

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