Labour Law Reporter aims at providing to all those who are anxious to find a source of quality reading material relating to Employee-Employer Relations, Labour Laws in India and important judgments of Indian Courts in that connection, more particularly with authoritative head-notes and the ratio at a glance to decide as to whether the whole judgment be read or not.

A monthly journal, Labour Law Reporter, now popularly known and authoritatively referred asLLR , is designed to be useful both to the Human Resources People / Personnel Managers and to the practitioners as well as those implementing, administering and adjudicating Labour Laws and Industrial Relations. LLR publishes articles, notes and comments, and detailed commentaries on recent cases and legislation in the field of labour laws besides solutions to the problems on ESI, Provident Funds, Factories, Workmen’s Compensation, Industrial Disputes, Bonus, Gratuity & Wages Acts etc.

LLR has always kept pace with the changing times. That not so, recent transformation of “Personnel Management” into “Human Resources Management” has been very well spotted by LLR and a segment on Human Resources Management was added, which is now “an inseparable part of the journal”, as remarked by one of the readers of LLR. For about four decades now, LLR is an inseparable stationery on the desk of an HR Professional and a Labour Law Practitioner.

It is a matter of pride for us that LLR is frequently and authoritatively quoted by the Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals and Labour Courts of India.

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