Team Leader as Dhoni: A new HR Mantra

Team Leader as Dhoni: a new HR Mantra (Labour Law Reporter article)
Team Leader as Dhoni: a new HR Mantra

Success has many fathers but failure is orphan’ is an age old saying. However, the modern management underlines that success and failures should be critically analyzed for the benefit of others to be adopted and shunned, as per the demand of the need, in future. There is no doubt that the lifting of Cricket World Cup after a long gap of 28 years has filled every Indian with new surge of proud and confidence. Yes; ‘We can do it’ has now become the buzzword.

Dhoni Factor

The way Mahendra Singh Dhoni led from the front to successful victory in the Cricket World Cup has now become a subject-matter of study for the giants of the management. HR leaders and leading  business schools are now looking at his conduct and temperament from every conceivable angle.

Experimentative, innovative and risk-taking are some of the characteristics being attributed to him. So   what really is Dhoni’s management style? “He sets stretch goals and works determinedly to achieve them by getting the best out of his team. Dhoni is being described as a true leader, who did not hesitate to push him up the batting order in the final, when the team needed him the most. He was not afraid to make changes. He knew well that had he failed, he would have been criticized but yet he fearlessly took up the challenge at a critical time in the Indian innings. This ‘killer instinct’ brought him on the top of the world. Dhoni is inclusive, but at the same time when the moment of truth comes, he doesn’t hesitate to take decisions. And what does one learn from Dhoni’s leadership skills? Take measured risks and back your team to deliver: A leader should maintain his calm. He should know his business and take appropriate decisions in changing contexts: this is the mantra of Dhoni.

Cool and Calm

One could see how these characteristics came to the fore when, in a crisis situation during the World Cup (India had lost two crucial wickets of Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag), Dhoni kept his cool and let India to victory. Dhoni has been consistent match after match. He has stuck his neck out and accepted his mistakes. What’s more, the captain succeeded in building a team where young people can come up with their opinions. In a situation where a much younger player like Virat Kohli can give his opinion towards a senior player like Sachin Tendulker without inhibitions itself speaks volumes about the team culture, developed by Mahi.

During usual course of life, every body goes through lows and highs. And, the one who could bear with difficult moments, and still continues his fight, emerges the ultimate winner. It is said that the seeds of  success or failure are planted in one’s mind. For, our minds drive all actions on our part. If an action beings on a weak premise, it will evidently end up with a low note. On the contrary, if a task is carried out with a force of conviction, the probability of success will higher. Evidently, Mr Cool, as Dhoni is popularly called, came out with his best in terms of his frame of mind. It is pertinent to note that when mind is cool and relaxed, it works effortlessly. For, the constituents of mind then work in perfect coordination with each other.

As a consequence, one’s wisdom plays to its optimum. The men could then visualize even improbable, pick up the right to prove his excellence. The fact of life, however, remains that more often than not our minds are preconditioned one way or the other. That restricts the scope of our vision because of which one is not able to comprehend a situation in the right perspective. One also fails to perceive the varying dynamics of the contemporary and emerging times correctly. And, then, our impressionable minds get affected by ongoing events as well those in the near past. If the impressions are negative, that could  ring in a sense of fear and erode one’s confidence. Dhoni was bubbling with positive energy and that created the world of difference, which culminated into the grand success.

Dhoni will thus continue to enthuse, inspire and guide all those, who are related to the management of a team in any form. Let the ‘Dhoni Factor’ continue to help us in tiding over the difficulties in the way of success.


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